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  • Site is required help in texts translation

    Dear visitors,

    This site has been growing steadily since its inception. I provide a free service and currently employ no advertisements. I would like to ask any users with the time to consider using the “Correct Text” tool, which is located at the top of the site on each page, to correct any typographical errors you see. Upon clicking it, a window will open that will contain a list of texts on the page you are currently viewing (it may display more than what you can actually see). The process is simple:

    • Use the search field, or scroll to and select the erroneous text
    • Enter it as it should appear in the text box below
    • Hit “Save Changes”.

    You will have made the world a better place and have my thanks.

    If you wish to translate posts in blog send translation to me on email:

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  • Automation and its role in

    The first thing that occurs in the head of the Eve Online player when he meets mining – “Is it possible to receive ore and don’t be at computer at this time?” This is the question, which will create hated by all “botter” from your friendly neighbor. Those, who less temped in programming it will lead to OCR-programs, and others to Python code injections in game process. I’ll tell you about second way and about that, how it connected with Jitonomic site.
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  • The short story about Jitonomic site

    Greetings, this is the Jitonomic site`s blog. My name is Denis and I`m a programmer from Russia. I want to tell why this site has been created. In this post there will be a history of site’s origin, the first steps on reception of market information, the first meeting with CCP’s GMs, and also the description of site’s crisis in 2010-2011 years.
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